FGM Learning

The FGM Learning website is a joint Australian College of Nursing (ACN) & Australian College of Midwives (ACM) project funded/supported by the Australian Government aiming to provide a national hub where nurses, midwives and other health professionals can access continuing professional development learning resources related to FGM, and network with each other to share CPD/learning resources and information.

Getting started

The content and links in FGM Learning are arranged in three groups: Professional Development, Learning Resources and General Information. You can browse the content in each group by selecting one of the headings below or you can search all FGM Learning content and links using the search field above.

The Professional Development area includes courses with learning objectives and structured modules. Learning Resources are links and content for reading and study but are not structured courses. General Information are links and content on the topic of female genital mutilation but with less structure and are of a more general interest.

Resources with structured learning outcomes

  • Courses
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  • Workshops and Seminars

Organisations and resources for personal learning

  • Journal Articles and Publications
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  • Other learning resources:
    • Australia
    • International

Useful links and documents

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